Everything You Wanted To Know About Stock Market Investing

Everything You Wanted To Know About Stock Market Investing
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Book Description

Equity is one of the most rewarding asset classes across the globe. Yet the majority of the individuals shy away from equity investing thinking that it’s a complicated exercise and perhaps unsuitable to them. “Everything you wanted to know about Stock Market Investing” effectively eliminates that notion.

The book using simple language, devoid of scary ‘financial jargon’, covers all aspects of stock market investing and issues. It prepares you for your practical journey into the world of stocks by giving you practical tips and illustrations, axioms, action points and test questions.

This book will not only help the investor comprehend the nuances of equity investing for wealth build-up but also helps the investor understand macroeconomic aspects and their impact on businesses, how to respond in times of panic, how to avoid being the victim of stock market scams, and finally, how to compute equity investment returns before and after tax. It manages to transform the seemingly formidable task of stock investing into an enjoyable and rewarding exercise that leaves you wanting to know more and do more.

Everything you wanted to know about Stock Market Investing” also goes beyond just explaining how markets work. This book makes your knowledge on investing in stocks holistic by covering a wide range of topics from financial planning and the impact of inflation on investments, equity investing strategies like top-down and bottom-up investing etc. to risk mitigation measures like value averaging, using market volatility.


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# “Book is good for beginners to understand basic concept and terminology.

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# “An excellent book for a beginner. Covers all aspects of stock market investment. Great value for money!”

Reading level: 2+ years

Hardcover: 349 pages

Language: English

Book Dimensions: 20.4 x 15 x 2.4 cm

Publisher: TV18 Broadcast LTD (CNBC TV18); Revised and Updated edition (5 October 2018)